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Inhalant Abuse Prevention Kit

The kit is intended for presentations to adult audiences, specifically parents of elementary and middle school children, so they can talk to their children about the dangers and risks associated with inhalants. We base the program on data from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Statistics show that parents talking to their kids about drugs decrease the risk of the kids trying a drug.

Please note: We are currenlty working on updating this Prevention Kit with a new design and materials.  If you have interest in receiving hard copies of the older prevention kit for FREE please contact ACE at as we work to distribute these kits in order to bring in new ones.

The Inhalant Abuse Prevention Kit contains four components:

  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • FAQ sheet
  • Interactive PowerPoint Presentation
  • “What Every Parent Needs to Know about Inhalant Abuse” Brochure

Additionally, there are four printable posters for classroom use and presentations.

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