‘Active participation by national school counselors in this innovative program is critical if we want to turn the tide on Inhalant Abuse among our own students. Parents need to include the risks of abusing Inhalants in every discussion they have with their children about substance abuse.’
– Kwok-Sze Richard Wong Executive Director, Amerian School Counselor Association

‘As a father of two teenage boys, I was very concerned when I first learned about Inhalant Abuse. I immediately sat down with my sons to discuss what they knew about it and to warn them of the extreme dangers. Communication and education are critical aspects that need to be integrated throughout the teen years.’
– Chris Cathcart President, Consumer Specialty Products Association

‘We never warned our son about the dangers of Inhalant Abuse because we had never even heard about it. Our son, Ricky, died after trying Inhalants just one time. Now we spend each day hoping for opportunities to educate parents, grandparents and adults everywhere about the deadly consequences of Inhalant Abuse.
– Ricky, Sr. and Diane Stem

‘With 22% of 6th and 8th graders admitting to abusing inhalants, but only 3% of parents thinking their child has ever abused inhalants – it is clear that this generation of pre-teens and especially their parents have a lot to learn about the lethal nature of inhalant abuse.’
– Stephen J. Pasireb, President and CEO, The Partnershi for Drug-Free America

‘As physicians caring for children, we have an obligation to think and ask about the possibility of Inhalant Abuse as part of our general care and counseling of patients and families.
– George C. Rodgers, MD, PhD Chief of Pharmacology and Department of Pediatrics University of Louisville