The Inhalant Abuse Program

March 20, 2002, the Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) launched its flagship program, the Inhalant Abuse Prevention program, at a press conference in Washington, D.C. The components of ACE’s program include a multi-faceted media campaign and outreach to parents. The program is designed to provide parents with high quality and practical information about Inhalant Abuse so they can include it in their substance abuse discussions with their children.

The Alliance for Consumer Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2000. The ACE mission is “to promote responsible and beneficial use of products to ensure a safer, healthier and cleaner environment in homes, businesses and the community.” Its core program areas are: Inhalant Abuse Prevention, Disease Prevention, Poison Prevention, and Product Management. ACE is affiliated with the Consumer Specialty Products Association.

Since its inception, the Alliance for Consumer Education has built a foundation of education, credibility, and prominence. To achieve its objectives, ACE has the ability to draw on the experience, expertise, and capabilities of the many organizations that comprise the Alliance. ACE continues to build partnerships with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private sector firms to strengthen the impact of its initiatives. Using experts in the targeted program areas, ACE is developing research-based community outreach to educate individuals and families about the safe use of household products and about the role of these products in public health.


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